Experimental Demonstrations

Doppler velocimetry

Resolution Boosting

Planet dectection!
Planet detection around 51 Pegasi by Jian Ge's EDI (2002)

6x resolution boost!
Spectral resolution boost of 6x, from 25k to 140k, measuring iodine spectrum, using multiple delays (2003)

First EDI Doppler
Detection of 12 m/s tugging of Earth by the Moon via an inexpensive benchtop instrument (1998)

2x res boost of Lick echelle
Photos of apparatus at Lick echelle (2002) and raw data

Processed echelle spectra having 2x boost

Simple apparatus
Photograph of a benchtop EDI (2001)

First resolution boost, 2.5x
2.5x boost on sunlight using a benchtop spectrograph

First stellar EDI data
First stellar EDI measurements, at Lick 1m (1999)

~1 m/s velocity precision
Benchtop velocity repeatibility tests using bromine-iodine

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