(Infrared Doppler planet search at Mt. Palomar)

         West Coast
Jerry Edelstein (UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab)
David J. Erskine (Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab) link
        Mid Continent
Matt Muterspaugh (Tennessee State Univ.) link

        East Coast
James Lloyd (Cornell University Astronomy Dept.) link
Terry Herter (Cornell University Astronomy Dept.) link
Phil Muirhead (now at Cal Tech) ..............................

Terry Herter

Matt Muterspaugh

James Lloyd

Dave Erskine

Jerry Edelstein

Phil Muirhead (left) winning his Ph.D in astronomy May 2011, working on the TEDI project. Proud Prof. James Lloyd is on right.

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David Erskine

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Phil Muirhead (right) taking data at the TEDI desk at the Mt. Palomar 200 inch telescope control room, Feb 2011. Dave Erskine (middle) and his father John Erskine (left) visit. Photo by Tim Erskine.