EDI Team (West Coast)

Dave Erskine

Jerry Edelstein

Principal Investigators
David J. Erskine (Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab) link
Jerry Edelstein (UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab)

Michael Feuerstein (SSL)
Mario Marckwordt (SSL)
Daniel Harbeck
(now at Univ. of Wisconsin's WIYN Observatory, Kitt Peak, Arizona)

Michael Feuerstein

Mario Marckwordt

Infrared Doppler Planet Search (TEDI) collaborators

James Lloyd (Cornell)
Terry Herter (Cornell)

See page on Team TEDI and the TEDI Project title page

See the acknowledgements page for funding sources and a list of many people who have helped the project

Ed Wishnow (LLNL)
Mike Rushford (LLNL)
James Graham (UC Berkeley)
Gibor Basri (UC Berkeley)
John Vallerga (SSL)

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David Erskine

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